Fairhope Quick Information

Holiday Trash Pick-up Schedule

For updated information about holiday trash pick up schedules in the City of Fairhope click here.

Want to Recycle?
  • Pick up for recycling in the Idlewild subdivision is on Tuesdays; pick ups start at 5:00 AM.

  • The City of Fairhope recycles the following items curbside:

    • Paper – newspaper, office paper, glossy magazines, junk mail

    • Cardboard – non-waxed only (break these down, no filler materials)

    • Scrap metals – including aluminum, steel cans, and appliances. Please rinse cans

    • Glass Bottles – all colors. Please rinse bottles and non-broken glass only

    • Plastic bottles - All jugs with screwtop lids. Rinse, remove lid and compact, please. All jugs number 1 through 7. The only plastic bottle that is not accepted is Motor Oil bottles.

  • All materials must be placed in separate containers (or bag different materials in same container) in a container marked "Recycling". "Fairhope Recycles" stickers are available at City Hall or the Public Utilities Warehouse. 

The City of Fairhope promotes recycling, learn more about how you can help your community and environment here.

Tree Removal

Residents may take down trees on private property without any special permission from the City. However, removal of trees on commercial property greater than 24" in diameter and any tree on city right way must be approved of before trimming or removal. Trees cut down on commercial property or on the right-of-way may result in a fine.  

For more information about trees and other plant life in the City of Fairhope click here.

Fairhope City Ordinances

These ordinances also make Idlewild a pleasant place to live. Violation of a City ordinance is considered to be a violation of our CC&R's. In addition, the City may also impose a fine. Out of consideration for your fellow residents, please observe the following:

  • Clean up after your pet

    • Section 5-10.  Pets constituting nuisance.

    • Any person in charge of any animal which defecates on any common or private property shall immediately remove all feces in a sanitary manner.


  • Leash Law

    • Sec. 5-24.  Dogs at large--Prohibited.

    • It shall be unlawful for the owner of any dog to permit such animal to be at large within the city at any time.


  • No overnight on street parking

    • Sec. 20-46.  Parking vehicles upon the public street rights-of-way.

    • No vehicle shall be parked or stored within the public right-of-way of streets within the Corporate Limits of Fairhope, Alabama for a longer period of time than four hours on a recurring basis.

Homeowners' Hurricane Insurance Initiative
City Of Fairhope Public Works Contact Information

If you have more detailed questions that are not answered by the above information, try visiting the City of Fairhope website here

If you have a specific question for waste management call 251-990-0192